Monday, January 22, 2007


Well, the big TV news out of this country is that Deal or No Deal Canada is coming soon, set to debut the night of the Super Bowl from what I heard, and Global TV has announced that the suitcase models have been chosen for this big made-in-Canada production.

Here's the full list. The one thing I notice about this group: heavily ethnic. Lots of South Asians. I guess they felt that they would be more representative of Canada by putting in plenty of South Asians, and they probably are--- it's certainly a different looking group from the Americans. Five of them were chosen in a big nationwide open call model search. Personally, I think the American girls are better looking. But that's just my opinion.

Anyway, the models picked were all Canadians. The banker, too, is Canadian and the money is paid out in Canadian currency. Nice, the contestants here get ripped off at the exchange rate. They'll have to pay higher Canadian taxes on their winnings, too. Great.

The host, however, is the same bald-headed individual who haunts audiences in the United States: Howie Mandel. Canadian.

Well, at least this is better than what Who Wants to Be a Millionaire tried to do. For their Canadian show they handed the reins to "serious newswoman" Pamela Wallin, and she was so stiff. I mean, they might as well have gotten William Shatner or someone for that effort, anyone could have been better than her. They needed a game show host, or at the very least someone with an entertainment sensibility! Pamela Wallin had none of that.

Anyway, Deal or No Deal doesn't have that problem, they can rely on Howie and his Canadian passport. Well, he'd better have a passport, these days, or else he won't be able to get back and forth from the United States!

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