Thursday, January 11, 2007


The big news in Canadian TV comes with the pending takeover of Alliance Atlantis by Canwest Global and Goldman Sachs. Goldman Sachs is getting the CSI franchise while Global wants to lay their hands on the multitude of Alliance-owned cable/satellite channels. The deal is delicately structured to meet all the CRTC ownership rules and so on. I guess we know now why the folks at Canwest were lobbying the government so hard to allow the Americans to come in: they wanted to partner up with somebody and take somebody over!

So much for all these stories in the press about how overleveraged Canwest supposedly was, and how they had no money, and on and on. For more on the deal, click here.


By the way, I am listening to Entertainment Tonight right now and they don't care at all about this Canwest deal. But they ARE still going on and on about Donald Trump, and showed a clip of Rosie trashing Donald's show and saying it "tanked". The biggest entertainment story in the world, according to ET, is this stupid feud. These fools should all give up already.

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