Thursday, January 11, 2007



Here's a story in the National Post about a big Bollywood movie that is having its much-ballyhooed world premiere in, of all places, Toronto. The movie Guru is premiering at the Elgin Theatre in Toronto and the biggest stars from Bollywood are expected to be there tonight.

This is part of a big trend by Bollywood productions to reach out to expatriate communities around the world. They're showing a lot more of their movies in English to appeal to the new generation of Indians. And I know that Bollywood films are increasingly a big deal in the Toronto area where there is a large Indian population and a lot of interest in international movies in general. Movies like Water, and Bollywood/Hollywood (both by Deepa Mehta) have been big successes there. But those were Canadian-made with an Indian theme. This movie debuting tonight was actually made in India, which is why it is so significant.

Bollywood movies have also done very well in places like Surrey, B.C., where there is a large Indian community. Anyway, this is a first for Toronto and people there seem genuinely excited to be hosting a genuine Bollywood movie.

It reminds me of a funny scene from The Muppet Movie when The Great Gonzo told Kermit the Frog that his goal in life was to "move to Bombay, India and become a movie star!" Over time that line has proven to be less and less of a joke.

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