Monday, January 08, 2007


And I feel like a real dummy, because it took me until tonight to realize that these fools in the NCAA created this whole separate game outside of the bowl games to crown a BCS "champion". In the old days they just held the game at one of these bowl games. But not this year. This is a first.

It's obvious, though, that the way this is set up that this BCS is setting the stage for a "playoff" down the road where teams play in the Orange Bowl or Sugar Bowl, and the winners face off in the BCS title game the following week. So it's so obvious to me that's what they are going to do eventually. I guess that's good! But we still won't have a full playoff system until at least 2010. Also, here's an article trashing the event, saying it has little buzz. I guess everyone expected Ohio State to kill Florida, that's why there was no buzz. So everyone must be surprised that the Gators are up 14-7 after one quarter.

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