Friday, January 12, 2007


I shouldn't criticize reality TV. It's a good way to get into Hollywood.

I read on the Wall Street Journal law blawg that this guy, Wall Street lawyer Usman Shaikh, has quit law to try and become a Hollywood agent. This summer he appeared on the flop ABC series One Ocean View, where he was cooped up in the Hamptons with other beautiful people. And they were all supposed to make out with one another or something. Dullsville. Anyway, don't trash reality TV: he's now off to Hollywood to try and make it, and become a bigshot agent at ICM.

I read a lot of the comments where people were trashing his entry into this "agent training program." Ha ha ha, they say, he must be going into the mailroom. For information about what these "agent training programs" are really like, I suggest you read David Rensin's book, The Mailroom. I also suggest you watch Entourage, you'll get a good idea of life for these underlings, getting yelled at all the time by the likes of Ari Gold. No fun, but that's how you pay your dues in Tinseltown if you want to go the white-collar route.

Reminds me of all these other folks who used reality TV to get entertainment jobs. There are people from The Apprentice who got all these sweet gigs. I know Erin Elmore ended up at some talent management firm, and Rebecca Jarvis is now on CNBC. And I noticed that "Bachelor Bob" Guiney ended up marrying some hot actress from All My Children named Rebecca Budig! I remember this show The Lofters that was on Canadian TV years ago. One of the infamous Lofters was Jennifer Hedger, who parlayed her silly gig on that show into a career as a sportscaster on TV, on TSN!

So obviously if you want to get ahead in life you need to get on a reality show. Worked for this Usman Shaikh dude. Boy, I sound really sincere in this blog post tonight, not!! I hate this genre bigtime, what useless pieces of junk these shows are. I can't believe people are getting ahead by being on these shows. But there you go.


I have some good news about Reality TV to tell you, for a change. That Queer Eye for the Straight Guy show has been CANCELLED by Bravo, after four years. That's right. The Fab Five are history. I guess that's progress. One series down, several hundred more to go.