Friday, January 19, 2007


You know, it bugs the heck out of me that I'm not on the air doing TV news. Which is why I plan to be back on the air real soon- though maybe not in TV, maybe radio is a more likely bet. True, I'd like my TV news tape to be better, but I think I'm just beating myself up over nothing because it really isn't all that bad.

On that note, I just found this blurb about Anderson Cooper. He's inked a multi-year contract with CNN which is going to pay him a FORTUNE. Four million dollars, a year. For Anderson Cooper.

This is why I'd want to go back to news, I want to be paid 4 million a year to travel the world to the hellholes of the earth. Nice payday, Cooper. Downside, though, is that he'll probably have to go to Iraq now to get shot at, just to justify his fat salary.

Most TV newsers won't see anywhere near this kind of money, a lot of people are lucky to be making 20 grand a year. Seriously. In these smaller markets the pay is really atrocious.

Not even CBS correspondents get this kind of payday, either. In fact I understand a big cutback is underway at CBS News, correspondents are leaving in droves. Lee Cowan is out the door to NBC, and I read on TVNewser that Jim Acosta could be gone too. I read on one of the boards at TVSpy that Trish Regan of all people might be in line for the boot, too. Trish Regan!!! Man, I dunno if this is accurate information or not. If she's leaving, boy, this will really be a big bloodbath, because she was a big star over there.

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midnite6367 said...

Anderson would go to Iraq anyway without the fat salary.