Friday, January 19, 2007


The latest controversy du jour concerns American Idol.

On The View show, Rosie O'Donnell, who obviously doesn't know when to quit, is on the warpath again. She is now blasting Simon Cowell and the gang for being mean to this latest crop of contestants. People are now accusing this show of having a mean streak, of unnecessarily trashing contestants and hurting people's feelings, and making otherwise decent people look bad on TV.

You know, I have to be honest, I gotta agree with Rosie on this one. I tuned in to part of the first show this week and what I saw was a bunch of not-so-great singers who weren't totally terrible, who probably needed to put a lot of work into what they were doing before they were allowed to record a single, but they needed to do more than what they were doing. And instead of getting constructive advice about where they were weak and what they needed to do to improve, they were being trashed and humiliated and told to give up their dreams!!! These judges were telling these contestants to quit singing and to do something else with their lives! Talk about jerks. And it was so bad, this meanness, that I had to turn the TV show off.

It's one thing to go after the total losers, these completely hopeless types with absolutely no talent. In fact it's pretty funny seeing these guys get put down and trashed by these judges. It's different when this mean treatment happens to the mediocre, marginal candidates. These folks who may not be all that good, but they shouldn't be told not to pursue music ever again! They shouldn't be made to feel small on TV. These people were probably serious about this competition, many of them! And they deserved better than to be carved up and trashed by Simon, Randy and Paula. That's what people are upset about, and I don't blame people one bit.

You know, this creates a big problem for this show. This show has made it big, in part, because of the nastiness of the judges, particularly Simon. If people turn against the nastiness of the Idol process, this show is going to jump the shark, because you'll end up taking the bite right out of the show. The judges will end up being nice to everyone, including these entertaining complete idiots!! No one will like that one bit, either. On the other hand, if these judges just trash everyone all the time, then this whole show looks heartless. And these judges completely lose their credibility.

This is what happens when a show gets too big, folks, you have people out there in middle America getting too caught up in this thing, and they're the ones all turning against the mean-spiritedness of the whole Idol competition.

(By the way, my worst TV show list is coming tomorrow, finally. I'm not doing it tonight, the computer has been too miserable.)

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