Monday, January 08, 2007


You know, I wonder if any of these Canadian entertainment news shows are going to lead with the actors strike in Canada. Or are they going to lead with Britney, or Brad and Angelina, or the usual people again? All the usual gossip?

Probably the latter. I doubt Entertainment Tonight will even mention it! In any event it isn't going to matter to a lot of productions because ACTRA made deals with a lot of these producers independently. So these actors working on these shoots get a 5% increase and they keep working. The other thing I hear is that British Columbia operates under a different system so they're relatively unaffected. In fact they may even get more productions moving out there to BC now.

But there's still a lot of productions being hit by picket lines. I dunno the full extent of it but it's mainly Ontario and the prairies as I understand it.

Anyway, I'll tune in to the entertainment shows anyway, just to see if Ben Mulroney even bothers to mention it. But I know Report on Business Television mentioned it--- way to go, Amanda Lang!

It's sad when you have to get your entertainment news--- real entertainment news--- from a business TV channel. If eTalk mentions it it'll probably get, I dunno, 1 minute of coverage and then it will be on to the usual American Idol happenings and other junk news.

Incidentally, The Apprentice got clobbered last night in the ratings and Grease went nowhere, as I predicted. I guess it could have been worse, though, they faced some reruns on CBS and FOX so they just eked out a third-place finish. But Desperate Housewives and Without a Trace still beat them. You know, these Canadian actors have to watch it. If they stay on strike and go with the solidarity-forever routine, these el-cheapo Canadian TV networks will just get get rid of every single one of them and put on junk reality shows with amateur wannabe actors on them. Just like they're doing at NBC!!!

UPDATE: What did I tell you? I tune in to eTalk and for their top story of the day they had Lainey on there reporting that one of the London tabloids had run pictures of Sienna Miller, naked. And eTalk was reporting that Sienna was a diva on the set of Factory Girl smoking cigarettes all the time. Now that's real entertainment journalism, folks. For all the latest coverage of Sienna Miller, watch CTV. (!) (!)

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