Friday, December 01, 2006


The first ballot results should be known by 11:30 PM EST, that's 10:30 CST and 8:30 Pacific.

I gotta say that CTV and CPAC have done a great job covering this convention. CPAC has been right on top of all the deals and rumors going on; their coverage has definitely been the most extensive. It was them that made a big deal about Dryden and Dion not getting their speeches done on time. And CTV Newsnet has done a great job covering the convention and keeping on top of all the stuff happening, especially the Joe Volpe move to Rae. The people covering this thing clearly know their politics.

Their reporters and guests are much better than the glum folks over at the CBC, who kept harping on people's performances and who didn't seem to keep on top of all the big news going on. What the heck has gotten into those folks? What a below-average performance from people who ought to be cleaning up the joint on a story like this.

Boo to CBC who bailed out of their live coverage just as Volpe was going over to give Rae the handshake. Talk about a bad show on their part. I'll bet you they will bail out totally if this convention runs into their hockey coverage tomorrow. And where the heck is Global News?! Showing Entertainment Tonight, that's what they were doing this evening!! What a poor show by both these television networks. Global didn't even bother to show up tonight, they just mailed it in with their newscast and that was it. I guess they will show coverage on Saturday. Maybe they will break in with the first ballot result tonight. But all I will say is that was bad.

Anyway, found a blog from CTV about the convention. And the site has lots of chatter from Liberals about who they think performed the best.

Lots of people had plenty of good things to say about Ken Dryden's speech which, despite the abrupt ending, was a really sound performance. To describe the speeches, Ignatieff was slick and loaded with fancy video, Bob Rae was off the cuff, Gerard Kennedy was fiery and flamboyant, and Stephane Dion was Stephane Dion, as you would expect. And Scott Brison talked throughout his speech about the environment- you would think he might endorse Dion later, another greenie.

UPDATE: Some great convention video and interviews over at Blogging Tories. Check it out at .

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