Friday, December 29, 2006


I checked out the Hein Sight blog over at TV Guide to find out the best, worst, and I-don't-get-it TV shows of 2006.

Among the best, certainly I agree with The Office, though I will admit I haven't really seen The Wire. I should check it out. They also mention Heroes, 24 and Deadwood.

Among the worst, well, they mention Big Day, that awful ABC show about a wedding day. Piece of junk. Me, I don't know, I didn't watch the show. They also trashed 3 lbs (deservedly) Studio 60 on the Sunset Strip (!), The Class and Day Break.

In the "I don't get it" category Jon Hein also mentions Grey's Anatomy. He doesn't get why this show is supposedly so great, and quite frankly, neither do I! I tuned in one time and thought it was, well, not total garbage but---- I don't share the enthusiasm for that show either! I'm sure it's a guy thing, we just aren't into this Doctor McDreamy business, or Doctor McSteamy either, or any of that stupidity. Maybe if there was a doctor show on the air that was chock-loaded with hot-looking women on it, women who are actually popular with guys (not Sandra Oh), then maybe we all might be hooked. But this isn't the show for that.

Hein doesn't get Criminal Minds either. He's definitely not alone on that count. Everyone's scratching their heads trying to figure out why the heck that show is so popular. He also doesn't get Friday Night Lights and Dancing With the Stars, or The View, but I think it's understandable why in those cases. These latter two shows are proof that the boring people in middle America have no clue what to watch on TV.

He gives shark jump of the year to Lost for obvious reasons. QUOTE:

Strike One - Ignoring the 24 model and splitting the season hoping that fans will return after suffering through Day Break.

Strike Two - Not learning from last year's mistake of abandoning the original cast to focus on the Tailies. This season is immersed in Juliet, Ben and The Others. Where's DriveShaft when you need 'em?

Strike Three - Sawyer and Kate. Did this come as a surprise to anyone? Does anyone really care? Aren't Sun and Jin a more compelling love story at this point? Hey, I'd even take an episode about Rose and Bernard.

I have my own list of best and worst shows on TV and I should be compiling my annual "worst of TV" list for 2006 this weekend. I expect to post it some time this weekend. Needless to say there are plenty of candidates this year--- there was a LOT of BAD TV this year.

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