Monday, December 18, 2006


Well, here's yet another update from me on the big Miss USA scandal. Hoo boy, is Tara Conner ever in big trouble. You have to feel bad for this girl.

The reports are circulating now that poor Miss USA tested positive for cocaine. Not marijuana, not LSD... cocaine. That's pretty bad if true.

Also, it seems that in addition to all these rocker guys Tara is hanging out with, she's also getting cozy with reigning Miss Teen USA Katie Blair and the word is that she was spotted kissing her on the mouth!

For a moment you have to wonder if Miss USA officials haven't confused Tara with Britney Spears. So Tara Conner is, if true, an underage drinker, a cocaine user, runs around with guys at bars, sneaks boys into her apartment without permission, and enjoys kissing girls! Yeah, she definitely has to go: can't have someone like that representing the No-Fun States of America, land of religion and uptight people.

Anyway, Entertainment Tonight was reporting tonight that on Friday, Tara was spotted at local New York nightclubs drowning her sorrows with the likes of Constantine from American Idol, and boohooing the fact that she had been evicted from her Trump Place apartment. Seems certain that pageant officials are about to give her the punt. was interviewing Shanna Moakler of Dancing With the Stars fame about this whole fiasco playing out. Shanna was Miss USA at age 19 and knows all about the drill. She was saying that lots of young women aren't prepared for all the responsibilities associated with being Miss USA, and she was saying how they hooked her up with some 60-year old chaperone who watched her like a hawk, and that there are strict rules against drinking, swearing, you name it! There are lots of responsibilities working with charities, going to all these events. Being Miss USA sounds like no fun at all, especially for a 19-year-old! It almost sounds like a political job, this gig, and it is in a lot of ways.

Ironically, even though Shanna Moakler is probably the best-known former Miss USA these days (as TMZ described her), she didn't actually win the pageant. She was first runner-up and assumed the crown when the woman who beat her went on to win the Miss Universe title. She knows all about what Miss California is going through, assuming someone else's title in mid-year at a press conference instead of at the pageant. The other irony about Moakler is that after she was done being Miss USA, she famously went and posed for Playboy---a big no-no to the Miss USA people and a scandal in its own right. In fact she was Playmate of the Month.

Already, the rumors are flying now that Tara Conner is about to be offered unbelievable amounts of money to pose in these various magazines. Certainly, if Tara takes an offer like that it would be a big "up yours" to the entire Trump organization and the pageant officials. It would be the ultimate "f-you". I'd love to see it happen, and not simply because Tara is unbelievable looking. No, I want to see how the Donald reacts. He will blow his top. He will rant and rave, just as he ranted and raved a few years ago when he fired Miss Russia as Miss Universe in midyear in similar fashion.

Methinks this guy with the funny hair has been too busy firing people and he should get back to, I dunno, hiring them?! Or something. What an uptight individual.

Anyway, happy 21st birthday Tara Conner, I guess. Enjoy "legal drinking age!" She is sooooooo fired.

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