Sunday, December 17, 2006


And in a big twist the jury is going to decide a winner based not on the final two, but the final three.

I gotta hand it to Mark Burnett; he's trying every trick in the book to keep this show fresh. I give him an A for effort. He's tried exile to another island, he's tried mutiny, he's even tried apartheid (tribes based on racial lines)! Now he's expanded the jury and voting is based on three finalists instead of two.

He's having better luck coming up with interesting gimmicks with this show than he is for The Apprentice. Another thing the Apprentice is planning on doing is allowing the project managers to stay project managers until their team loses--- which is a sure-fire way for teams to mutiny and for plots to develop. Apparently a couple of these wannabe actors/candidates on The Apprentice hook up on the show! Here's an idea for a new gimmick for The Apprentice: how about getting rid of the product placements? Fat hope that will happen.

Anyway, I still think Survivor's finale is the Super Bowl of reality television. As for who will win Survivor: Cook Islands I really don't care anymore. I've kind of got bored with all the gimmicks and changes, but I'll say this for the show; at least I'll be watching.

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