Friday, December 01, 2006


For the second time this evening a candidate ran out of alloted speech time. Stephane Dion had to wrap it up as soon as the music started playing. Ken Dryden had to wrap it up early, too. Talk about embarrassing.

Are these other candidates in the same boat? I'll bet you Rae and Ignatieff have to be rewriting their speeches and tossing things out as we speak. The pundits are roasting Dion on television for looking like he's not ready for prime time.

This never happened at the conventions I went to, everyone was able to get their speeches over with in time. Reminds me of the Conservative convention when Stephen Harper spoke. Everyone had something like 25 minutes of time available, but Harper's speech lasted a grand total of eight or nine minutes! I was in the hall when it happened and all I will say is: that was a really effective way to avoid this whole problem!

Better to have a speech go too short than too long! This looks like an Academy Awards show with all the speeches being cut off. If these Liberals aren't competent enough to give a speech how competent are they to run a country? Good question.

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