Friday, December 01, 2006


The Liberal speeches are on in Montreal. Martha Hall Findlay spoke and she sounded like an NDPer in her speech. Now Scott Brison is up there. Later tonight, another turncoat, Bob Rae, who based on a press release we are hearing about, looks like a sure loser to Michael Ignatieff.

I went over to the Warren Kinsella website and he posted a press release floated out there by the Ignatieff campaign that claims Ignatieff has registered far more of his own delegates than the other candidates have for theirs. We'll see what happens. Here's the release in its entirety with all the numbers.


For Immediate Release:
Michael Ignatieff Extends Lead
OTTAWA (December 1, 2006) – Liberal leadership candidate Michael Ignatieff has extended his lead over the other candidates based on the results of registration released by the Liberal Party early this afternoon.According to the results, Michael Ignatieff leads in the number and percentage of delegates that have arrived and registered for the Liberal Leadership Convention this weekend. We are delighted with this result. This shows the strength of our candidate and our organization as we head into this final weekend of the campaign and leadership vote, said Bob Richardson, Michael Ignatieff’s convention co-chair.

The results are as follows:
Number of Delegates Registered Percentage of Delegates Elected
Michael Ignatieff 1059 77%
Gerard Kennedy 619 76%
Stephane Dion 550 73%
Martha Hall-Findlay 33 73%
Bob Rae 689 73%
Scott Brison 125 69%
Ken Dryden 161 68%
Joe Volpe 105 47%
For more information on Michael Ignatieff's campaign, visit:
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