Sunday, December 31, 2006


You know, old media is FINISHED. While everyone else is utilizing restraint and self-censorship, the no-holds-barred Internet is stopping at nothing when it comes to showing the most vile and revolting stuff imaginable. It was bad enough when we were seeing TV news anchors make verbal slip-ups on the air; now we're seeing them choke to death. (J.J. Ramberg). We're now getting access to the most graphic images of our out-of-control entertainers (Britney Spears). You can click and see photos of the ex-Miss Nevada USA kissing girls if you want to. Now we've hit the new low point of the medium.

This link takes you to the execution video of Saddam Hussein, recorded on a cell phone. Do not follow that link if you have a weak stomach. You actually see this guy get hanged. You know, CNN and all these other networks were hand-wringing about showing graphic images of Saddam being hanged and all that. Well, this settles it: Saddam's death is the world's first major "televised" execution---- except without the television.

This reminds me of that cover story in Maclean's earlier this year where they claimed that the Internet was a total cesspool. They're right! Loaded with spammers, scammers, ripoff artists, and other filth-ridden types, this medium is out of control, and they were all handwringing about how it got that way.

Yet you keep hearing these mainstream media types say what is going on right now with the Net is so revolutionary. They claim these Internet sites like Youtube are revolutionary because people want to see citizens create their own video. What hogwash. People want to see what they can't get to see on TV, that's why they tune in to Youtube and its imitators/compatriots. I don't see what's so revolutionary about it, there's nothing new about that. People have been trying to get information past the filters for years. Except now there's been a big breakdown in the filters. It's as if you have all this raw sewage coming in now, whereas in the old days Old Media would filter this stuff out.

The only reason why these Internet video sites are so big is because most of the popular stuff that is on it is banned on TV or not posted on websites by the mainstream media. You think MSNBC would show any videos of Saddam hanging---- let alone JJ Ramberg?! They'd ban all this stuff!

They don't allow any of this stuff on TV, folks, but on the Internet, it's there and it's available. Moreover you have all of these various blog sites and the rest of them, spouting their own rants and conspiracy theories, so you get total bias from everyone. Bottom line is the Web is out of control. You get to see women upskirt, you get all these hackers and spammers, and now you get televised executions!!! Let's face facts, the World Wide Web is a cesspool. And no one is able to stop it because too many people are getting sucked in by this stuff.

Happy New Year, I'm going back to watching TV---- get away from this awful Internet filth. Enjoy watching Saddam, I'm outta here.

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