Thursday, December 28, 2006


This has, unfortunately, been a big week for famous people dying.

Gerald Ford died the other day, so that's all you're getting on CNN and MSNBC these days. And the day before that, so did the Godfather of Soul James Brown. Dead. 73.

This hardest working man in show business was actually slated to perform in Saskatchewan, of all places. But now, Casino Regina is refunding money for all the tickets sold for that concert that Brown was going to have in Regina. Isn't this no good? You're looking forward to seeing James Brown in Regina, and then he dies. Sort of like having tickets to see Elvis, only for him to die, too. Terrible.

So James Brown won't be in Regina. Instead he is performing live at the Apollo Theatre, Harlem. I don't think you need to buy any tickets for that.

These folks who still have these James Brown concert tickets might want to think about putting them up on eBay. You know, there's bound to be lots of souvenir hunters looking for stuff like this. I'm sure there will be big offers on the table for tickets to "The Concert James Brown Never Gave". So you'd make a big profit! At least then you'll be able to say: "I feel good!" Anyway, enough of that.

In other news about famous people facing the Grim Reaper, Saddam Hussein's death sentence was upheld and now he could be executed as early as this Saturday. I guess he'll miss out on all the big NFL action and the playoff scenarios.

What a week of death. Merry Christmas and Happy New Year, not.

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