Friday, December 15, 2006



Rumors are flying that the next host of The Price is Right after Bob Barker retires will be... CBS Early Show's Dave Price. In fact it sounds like a done deal according to the latest reports. He'll stay at the Early Show and tape Price is Right during off hours.

Whether the actual show will survive with him as host is anyone's guess. Theoretically, the Price is Right show ought to continue forever regardless of who hosts it, but I don't know if Dave Price can do it. He doesn't have a game show background; his background is news broadcasting and doing the weather. Other shows have had changes in hosts: both Wheel of Fortune and Jeopardy! have changed hosts and survived, and Hollywood Squares has gone through several by now. But Bob Barker has been there for so long.

A lot of viewers might say "that's it" once Barker leaves. And that may be the end of the show. Keep in mind this is the very last network game show on daytime TV: the rest of these game shows are either syndicated or in prime time. The Price is Right by its very nature is an anachronism, the last of a dying breed. All the other network daytime game shows were driven off network TV because affiliates were refusing to air them. If the new host flops, the affiliates could dump The Price is Right and run syndicated talk show junk featuring Tyra Banks or Tony Danza or someone like that.


Personally, though, it makes no difference to me who hosts, because this show totally jumped when Janice Pennington left. The models on this show in the old days used to be terrific! Barker's beauties had PERSONALITY. They were BABES! This current bunch of models has far less personality than those suitcase women on Deal or No Deal. What is the Price is Right going to call them now, Price's Beauties?!

Interesting note: Dave Price served time in local television in Erie, Pennsylvania at WSEE, Channel 35. (Take note you folks in London, Ontario who get this channel on cable.) He got into television after a career in human resources. Price actually wrote a letter to Ed Bradley of CBS News, asking for career advice and Bradley actually wrote him back, telling him to figure out what his passion was and to follow it. Years later Price made it to CBS and got to meet Ed Bradley in person. Great story.

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