Wednesday, December 13, 2006


Found out that big changes are going on in Buffalo with one of the stations there. Susan Banks has resigned at Channel 7 News WKBW. She was co-anchor with Keith Radford but according to this story she refused to accept a demotion and a pay cut, so she resigned. I guess she's leaving tonight!

This was just hours after anchor Radford read on the air that no jobs were going to be lost due to the bankruptcy of the parent company Granite Broadcasting! Now, that is beyond bad.

Sure no jobs were affected. I guess demoting people and forcing them to take pay cuts in order to stay around counts as "not being affected." She wasn't "fired", so she wasn't affected! What B.S., this smells like a fish.

Banks, who had successfully fought off breast cancer, now plans to pursue "other interests" outside of broadcasting. I dunno what other interests she might pursue. Maybe she'll pursue a lawsuit.

You'd think Banks would have a case for agism, but it's difficult to prove. The station can just blame her for bad ratings and claim that as their excuse, and get away with it in court. There was one anchorwoman in Buffalo who was kicked off the air from another station and she sued, claiming discrimination and the rest of it. But she lost. The woman who replaced her, ironically, soon quit and went to Denver or somewhere like that. It stinks, but that's the business.

I'm quite familiar with Buffalo's TV scene having seen their local news ample times while living in Toronto. (I'm also quite familiar with the TV news scene from Detroit, having watched those newscasts often). This is the biggest anchor change in the western Ontario market since Irv Weinstein left. I don't think Channel 7 ever really recovered from that, or from the name change from Eyewitness News.

That news operation has really gone downhill in the last few years---- they have fallen from Number One to Number Three. And it's too bad, because their sports department is pretty good. See, this is what happens when you finish in third place; heads roll. What do you expect from this industry. Life sucks in television news. Better off going into radio, or doing commercials for a living, or even going into acting!

Hey, Katie Couric, you may as well take note--- you and your third place anchor job.

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