Tuesday, December 19, 2006


Well, Tara Conner gets to keep her job as Miss USA, but she's going into rehab.

Did you see that joke of a press conference this morning?! Donald Trump was up there giving this tale about how Tara got seduced by the bright lights and big city, and said how he's a believer in second chances, and on and on. All that bull. Well, why the heck didn't she go into rehab last week, then? If they had agreed to do that then this would have saved everyone all the trouble. They could have held the press conference last week and been done with it, and saved themselves a week of this press and this humiliation!!! Tara Conner's name is mud now, title or no title, because of the way this thing was handled! It could have been over last Friday.

But instead Trump had to drag it out with this week of the "ultimate psych-out". These last few days- with Tara being kicked out of her apartment and all that- were all about freaking Tara out enough to get her serious about being Miss USA, I guess?!?!

I dunno. Maybe The Donald was trying to drum up interest in his sinking Apprentice show again, doing his "you're fired" routine without actually firing anyone. Heck, he was up there bragging today about how he fired Miss Universe a few years ago because she was a complete disaster. Then again, maybe he really was going to fire Tara Conner today, and what happened was he simply melted in poor Tara's presence during that firing meeting this morning. I can see it now: Tara was probably in there with Trump, crying and begging for a second chance, and the Donald turned into a big bowl of blubber himself and let her off the hook. Heck, I've seen all these Apprentice shows and how Trump is a softy in the presence of these beautiful women. He kept giving all these hot-looking women second chances on that show, too. Doesn't surprise me one bit.

He did say, though, that a lot of the rumors were not true. Tara was saying that she was in Columbus, Ohio last week and not drowning her sorrows in booze at bars in New York City. So I don't know what's true or not true, whether the cocaine rumors are true, or the kissing with Miss Teen USA, or what the deal is. All we know for sure is that she has a drinking problem and runs around with boys. Big deal! In any event, she admitted she needed to do something about her drinking problems. But who cares, really. This is just a case of a girl gone wild, and a press corps going crazy looking for the next Britney Spears, the next embarrassment.

Which brings me to my point: they could have announced this last week and been done with it, and nobody would have cared! Tara could have held her press conference and said "I have a drinking problem" and put herself into rehab, and no one would have called this a big scandal! She could have turned it into a positive and turned into a role model by taking charge of her life! But instead, this whole thing turned into a big black eye for the whole Miss USA organization, and it didn't need to happen. This was a PR fiasco from start to finish.

I gotta blame the Donald again for mishandling this situation by dragging it out a week, by fanning the flames of the press by kicking Tara out of her apartment (she's now being allowed to go back), and his penchant for firing everyone in sight ( from Apprentice right-hand woman Carolyn Kepcher to these former Miss Universe winners) got everyone assuming he would pull the trigger again. Heck, everyone knows that he fired one Miss Universe already for incompetence, and almost fired a second one (Alicia Machado) for supposedly getting too fat. As I said, this could have been OVER last Friday. Tara Conner could have gone into rehab, and that would have been the end of it and NO ONE WOULD HAVE CARED. Heck, this is America, land of celebrities and drug addicts. People would have understood; it's not all religious nuts and uptight people down there.

Instead, Trump turned Miss USA into a sideshow and a circus--- just as he's turned the Miss Universe title into a sideshow and a circus. Maybe instead of firing Miss USA they need to fire that trigger-happy guy who runs the pageant.

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stickywicket said...

Good grief, what a mess this has turned into. She should be fired. I certainly hope she does not show up at a DUI symposium next year! What a joke that will be!