Friday, December 15, 2006


The folks at TMZ have done it again. They scooped the world on this Michael Richards racism brouhaha and also did a big number on Mel Gibson, and Britney Spears. Now they are going after Tara Conner.

The gorgeous Miss USA hottie is in big trouble with the Miss USA Pageant and faces being stripped of her tiara because of personal issues and numerous indiscretions. Word is that she is an out-of-control party animal freak who gets drunk in bars all the time--- which isn't so bad, until you realize she's underage!!

Add to that rumors of substance abuse ( according to Nancy Grace's show) and it seems as if Miss USA could be stripped of her crown as early as next week, possibly Tuesday. The initial report was that it was going to happen yesterday. But now they say it might happen next week. The cable channels are having a field day over this.

Harvey Levin of was on TV, saying Miss California (the first runner-up) was told by the pageant to be ready to take over! The way he describes it, it sounds like Tara is as good as gone. But the official word from officials is that they are looking out for the best interests of Tara Conner first, and then the pageant. I wouldn't rule out Tara agreeing to some treatment program for alcohol abuse or something like that, in order to keep her title.

Recall that the Miss Universe pageant almost stripped Alicia Machado of her crown for allegedly overeating. But Donald Trump put her on a diet and she retained her crown. And there have been a few beauty queens who lost their crowns over nude photographs,Vanessa Williams the most infamous example.

Personally, if this is the best they can come up with against Tara Conner, then all I will say is this is really ridiculous. Losing a beauty pageant title over drinking? Talk about trivial. But maybe they have even worse dirt than this.

We will see what comes of this. All I will say is this really is a bunch of nonsense.

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