Monday, December 04, 2006


Well, for the third week in a row it's been the same old story. The new James Bond has been a hit all over the rest of the world, with Daniel Craig and Casino Royale getting rave reviews from people hoping for a revival of the 007 franchise. I read now that it's Number One in Japan and still raking in tons and tons of cash, over 200 million bucks.

And for the third week in a row, it's the same story in the United States: those silly dancing penguins from Antarctica nosed Bond out and finished first. Again.


I don't get it! Why the heck is it that Americans would rather see Happy Feet than a James Bond movie? Beats the heck out of me. Supposedly this is a movie striking a chord with America's Democratic majority. Apparently there's some sort of subversive pro-environmental subplot, so all the Al Gore folks should all be fans of this movie. Plus there's supposed to be some non-conformist penguin in that movie and there's supposed to be this message that it's okay to be a non-conformist penguin. Supposedly it's a good movie, the critics all love it. Still...

Everyone else in the world is making James Bond number one, with all the buzz going for it and especially with all this Russian radioactive-spy nonsense going on. Yet these silly Americans don't want to do it!!! They won't go see 007, they'd rather go see something AIMED AT KIDS.

I just don't think Americans want to see adult-oriented movies, they'd rather watch cartoons! Or juvenile comedies that have Adam Sandler in it or other hyped-up junk. They have these Tim Allen - Santa Clause movies out these days, too, and movie fans have to shake their heads in disbelief at the movie options these days. You have to fight off crowds of kids and teenagers every time you go to the cinema--- in the USA, that is.

Anyway, only in America do you find that juvenile stuff reigns supreme-- whether these flicks are bad or good. When it comes to making hits out of movies, Americans are out of step with the rest of the world.

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