Sunday, December 17, 2006


And so have you. All of us users of content on the World Wide Web have been chosen Person of the Year by Time.

And all I have to say about that is what a copout by Time! Apparently they had trouble narrowing it down: there were all these bad guys in the world including the president of Iran, and these incompetents at the White House. You would have thought that the Middle East mess is the biggest story in the world, and someone from over there ought to have gotten the nod.

But no. Instead, they just choose everyone, and they seem to be saying everyone in the world gets to select what the biggest story is; it's not up to them anymore. So you're the Person of the Year. What nonsense. I guess I don't need to read TIME to determine who the Person of the Year is anymore, I can make one up myself.

Shouldn't it be TIME that should be closing its doors this weekend, based on this copout performance?! Instead of FHM? ( I forgot: FHM put Vida Guerra on the cover again. I guess they can't find anyone else.)

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