Wednesday, December 20, 2006


I've been up late reading some stuff tonight, so I thought I would check in one more time with some thoughts about Identity, that new show on NBC where contestants guess people's identities. They are running it all this week.

Last night's show was wild--- one guy ran the table and won half a million dollars!! It was so exciting. He was risking it all on the final identity and got it right, and won the whole shebang, and his whole family went nuts. Great TV.

The last time I saw a game show as exciting as this was perhaps the incredible night John Carpenter won that million dollars on Millionaire. Though, personally, nothing could top that night when that crazy fool risked big winnings to try and win the biggest payday ever on the Chuck Woolery-hosted game show Greed. And of course he went and got it wrong, and lost.

Anyway, check out Identity, it ain't half bad.

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