Friday, December 01, 2006


We interrupt our coverage of the Liberals to bring you yet another story about the mess at Global Sports. What a mess it is.

I'm sorry to be ragging on Global TV this week, but I can't help it. I don't want to rag on them, I try and say nice things about them. But these total idiots keep on making these awful, boneheaded decisions to enrage sports fans who tune into that network. The fans that are left, that is.

Read that on the heels of the infamous decision to cancel Sportsline in September, Global has contracted with Rogers Sportsnet to provide a sports package on their newscasts every night. That's right: they're canning Don Martin and everyone remaining at Global Sports, and they're letting Rogers Sportsnet do the work for them come January. Sean McCormick will be doing the sports updates on the Global News now, direct from the Sportsnet newsroom.

Now, this is great for Rogers Sportsnet that they are doing this, and great for the sports guys there who get to be on TV some more. But this is no good for Don Martin, who is out of a job; and it is no good for what's left of the staff in their sports department, pretty much all of whom will be out of work. It is also no good for viewers who want to tune in to see something different from Global than the usual stuff they get from the cable company. I know CTV Toronto has been doing this, too, in beaming their local sportscasts direct from the studios of TSN. But it doesn't make it right. Fans want to see variety and choice, not the same old thing ripped off of the main sports channels all the time!

And what to make of the once-great Global Sports department and the destruction of that whole operation by management? All I have to say is this is nothing short of a total disgrace. What Global TV has done to that great sports operation is nothing short of criminal. This is like the breakup of the New York Yankess, what they have done. They took arguably the best local sports department in the country, at Global Toronto, and completely wiped it out.

To top it all off, these guys have the gall to go to the CRTC and demand carriage fees of 50 cents a month after this!! To quote Chuck Swirsky: "are you kidding me?"

You know, if I were a TV sports guy right now I would just about give up and go into radio. At least you have these expanding local all-sports and satellite radio operations there. I'd work there in a moment; but TV, forget it!!!This is one more piece of bad news for sports operations in North America. We all heard about the cutbacks throughout the USA, and the big slaughter at WRC in Washington D.C. that wiped out the George Michael Sports Machine. And there was that big wipeout at all the Citytv operations out in western Canada. Now this happens over at Global.

If you can see me now I am wagging the finger of "shame" in the air.

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