Thursday, December 28, 2006



I am fed up.

Now I know that I was technically a SPORTS anchor, not a news anchor, and not even a full-time one at that. In fact I wasn't even on the STAFF, but I was on the air anchoring regularly and I did occasionally cover the news, as a reporter!! I'm not even on the air anymore either, which makes me even more ticked off than usual.

Instead of hiring hard-working people like me who would cancel their vacations and rush to the studio in a moment to work on a big story like the death of former president Gerald Ford, these fools in TV news insist on wasting their money on big salaries for people who don't bother to show up during breaking news!!

If I were on the job in TV news right now at a major network, anchoring a flagship broadcast, you can bet your hat I wouldn't be off galavanting around the world at a time like this--- not with Gerald Ford about to be buried, and not with Saddam Hussein about to be hanged. I'd be on the air, where I belonged--- serving the PUBLIC.

Katie Couric, where are you?! TVNewser wonders if you are in Cancun. It doesn't matter if you are halfway around the world, Katie, surely you could have shown up at some bureau somewhere--- London or wherever--- and gotten your fat @$$ on the air (quoting Donald Trump)!

It's too late. Wherever it is you are on vacation, whatever beach you are on, you might as well stay there because you've MISSED THE STORY. Even Larry King is on the job, and nobody confuses him for you serious anchor-types, or supposed serious-news types. But where are you, Katie? Spending your 15 million, no doubt. You haven't even figured out that Charlie and Brian and Anderson and Shep and everyone else are ON THE AIR right now, covering this big story. A President dies, and you're missing!

Katie, you deserve the BOOT. You ought to rot in local TV after this week; that's exactly where you belong!

As for CBS News, they didn't even cut into regular programming to announce that Gerald Ford had DIED, that's how incompetent they are over there! I guess they were worried about their jobs after what happened when they cut in to the final seconds of some CSI episode to announce that Yasser Arafat had died. They cut in, and there were so many complaints from viewers that the producer who made that decision ended up getting fired! CBS News is a train wreck and Katie Couric is the chief engineer. This anchor is a disaster. She has to go. Get rid of her already.


Actually, she's a law school graduate, not a lawyer, but Angela Rae from WFOR Miami has left. Apparently it was a mutual decision and she's getting right out of the TV business. "I don't feel like delivering any more bad news,'' she said. The article stated she has a law degree from the University of Virginia but she says: "You couldn't put a gun to my head to make me practice law.'' I can relate, totally. Maybe Katie can take her job.

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