Wednesday, December 27, 2006



Since this is the time of year when we get a ton of sports on TV from virtually all the leagues going right now (especially football, basketball and hockey), I thought I would serve up this profile of gorgeous ESPN hottie Erin Andrews that ran in the Atlanta Journal-Constitution. She mainly works as a sideline reporter on college football and basketball these days, and also on baseball broadcasts.

Erin actually lives in Atlanta and did Atlanta Braves games for TBS at one point, so that's why a newspaper in Atlanta was so interested in her. Basically she's telling the paper "don't hate me because I'm beautiful".


In order to meet my CRTC quotas I am compelled to say that Erin worked on hockey broadcasts for the Tampa Bay Lightning at the start of her career, and also worked on the national NHL hockey broadcasts on ABC as well, as a sideline reporter. Erin also worked on Atlanta Thrashers broadcasts for a period of time. It's pretty clear to me that the reason why NHL ratings are down in the 'States is all because Erin Andrews isn't doing the games anymore. Same for Sam Ryan and these other women who used to do these games in the 'States. Did you see any of these women covering the Stanley Cup last year? No! No wonder the ratings were so bad-- all these boring guys on there! Who wants to watch that?! Guys want to see gorgeous women on their sports broadcasts from time to time and they ain't seeing any of that on these American hockey broadcasts these days. We need more women covering hockey games!!!

There, that should do it, that ought to satisfy the Canadian government--- the requisite ranting about Canada's official sport, etc.etc.!

UPDATE: Here's another Erin Andrews story at Call of the Game.

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