Sunday, December 10, 2006


I was watching fair and balanced Fox News today and fell out of my chair when I heard this story.

As you heard the movie Dreamgirls is coming out on Christmas Day and everyone is excited about it. But this movie is also going to get a sneak preview. In three major American cities Dreamgirls will play for ten days before the official release.

The price to get in to these exclusive engagements? Only... $25.

Gag. Choke.

Now, this is ridiculous. This is going to put the whole motion picture industry right out of business if this becomes a trend. $25 to see a movie? Now that is sad. It was bad enough when they were ripping us off and charging ten bucks! But an extra fifteen?!

Now from what I gathered this movie is going to be shown free of the advertising and all of the coming attractions that clutter up the movie going experience. Which means you are going to have to arrive right on time and make sure you have all of your popcorn ready to go!

So you're paying extra, just to avoid seeing something that you could have skipped out on anyway by being fashionably late. Dumb. I don't get the logic.

Even film festivals charge less! At the Toronto festival you could get into most movies for about 18 bucks! The gala screenings, though, cost $34-and-change. At least at those gala screenings you have a chance to see some big celebrities! You pay your $34 apiece just so you and your girlfriend can wave and whistle at Jude Law and the rest of the cast, sitting there in the upper deck! And if you're lucky maybe they'll answer questions from the floor! Besides which, you are seeing these movies months ahead of time. I'm not talking ten days ahead, I'm talking MONTHS.

So you're paying your money to see big celebrities at a red carpet event. But who's going to be there at these theaters during this $25 run for Dreamgirls?! Anyone famous?! I thought so. Just another expensive motion picture, what a ripoff.

Why bother wasting $25 dollars; you are better off waiting the ten days and investing fifteen dollars on the stock market, and then see Dreamgirls for the regular price at a good movie house. That way, you're bound to come out ahead!

Or you can go on the 'Net and download it--- the scourge of Hollywood. Maybe this is why ticket prices get hiked all the time: it's because of all these cheapskates who sneak into theaters to tape these movies and then put them up on the Net to be downloaded. When I was at the Toronto International Film Festival they were paranoid about people sneaking in with their video cameras to film what was on the screen and they were all cracking down heavily on that sort of thing. Security was through the roof.

Still, this is ridiculous. I rant all the time about the prices for sporting events being so high, especially for these NHL games. And live theater tickets and concert tickets generally cost a lot of money, but that's different.

$25 for a MOVIE?! If you want to pay $25 to see this Dreamgirls engagement ahead of time then you are insane. I don't care if you have money to burn. I don't care that this is supposed to be a good movie. This is dumb, dumb, dumb.

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