Friday, December 22, 2006


I tuned in to the Larry King Live show last night on CNN and Donald Trump phoned in, and boy did he go nuts on that show last night. He went nuts trashing Rosie O'Donnell and you know what, after listening to him I gotta admit he's right! Rosie is a vile woman!

He went on and on and on trashing Rosie and that show The View, saying how Danny DeVito was made to look like a drunk after appearing on that show, and how Kelly Ripa got trashed, too, by these folks. You know, I think there's a lot of celebrities out there that are going to think twice about appearing on that show, worried their reputations might get shredded.

The Donald was talking about how he's friends with Barbara Walters and all that, and on this point the Donald went totally nuclear! He told Larry last night that Barbara hated Rosie and was embarrassed by her!!! Quote: "Barbara is not a fan of Rosie. She's embarrassed by Rosie. She doesn't like Rosie. And I guess she can't say that publicly. But trust me, Larry, that's what she told me over the phone."

Hoo hoo hoo!!!!!! Tension on The View!!

And of course the Donald went on to say Rosie's own talk show was a disaster, and that her magazine failed and was a "total catastrophe", and on and on.

He even went nuts talking about Rosie's girlfriend! "The best thing Rosie has going is her girlfriend, Kelli. Now, if Kelli ever leaves Rosie, she'll never find another one, believe me, because who's going to want Rosie? How would you like to have to kiss that good night, Larry? "

Is this the Larry King Show or the Howard Stern Show?! Really funny stuff.

But you know, Trump is right! Rosie definitely is destroying The View. And she's just a mean individual. But I never watched the show anyway, so I really don't have any vested interest.

Merry Christmas, ho ho ho. Peace on earth!!!! (?)

UPDATE: Fox News got into the act and Trump phoned in to Bill O'Reilly. O'Reilly seemed to say Trump should have engaged Rosie intellectually instead of resorting to name-calling. Anyway, check out that link, too.

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