Sunday, December 24, 2006


You know, all the Christmas specials leading up to Christmas Day are pretty good. You have Rudolph, you have Charlie Brown, you have the Grinch. You have reruns of these great old movies like It's a Wonderful Life. But Christmas Day itself? Blecch.

Tune in on Christmas Day and you're likely to see a Yule Log program on your local CW channel! In New York, the CW11 has been showing this burning log every Christmas Day for 40 years--- just to satisfy all these apartment-dwellers and other unfortunate people who don't have fireplaces!

Supposedly you turn the TV on to Channel 11, and pretend that it's a fireplace! What I don't understand is why Channel 11 doesn't run real programs instead. More people would watch! Who knows. Anyway a lot of people in Canada are able to get the CW11, it's sort of the official CW station for much of the country. So we'll get to see this silly burning log, too, on cable!!! Lucky us, not. And they are also running some documentary about this log, too, at 12 EST.

Shaw Cable does this as well every year out West. They turn one of their cable channels over to live continuing coverage of a fireplace, with a fire burning. This is really a lot of nonsense and a waste of cable fees.

Why don't they run a show where they show a turkey basting in the oven, too, while they are at it?! Then people at home can pretend that the TV is an oven? This really is bad TV, folks. I can't believe this "yule log" thing has caught on, it really seems like a joke.

Of course, at midnight, you usually get to see some religious service involving the Pope or something like that. And in the Commonwealth countries the big program we get to watch is a message from, who else, The Queen. Well, it beats looking at a burning log on TV! Christmas Day TV is terribly dull and boring.

Thank heavens for football and the NBA, otherwise there would be nothing to watch!!

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