Friday, December 15, 2006


I already ranted about the changes in Buffalo TV. Now I will rant about the changes in Detroit.

I noticed a new sports anchor at WDIV. Her name is Katrina Hancock and she fills the spot left vacant with the departure of Fred McLeod to Cleveland. McLeod was in the Detroit market for an incredibly long time with WDIV and with WJBK before that, and had called the Pistons games for years on television. But this year he's decamped to FSN Ohio calling the Cleveland Cavaliers games.

In fact it sounds as if the WDIV sports department is extremely staff-depleted. I can't believe they only have two people there! Anyway, Hancock will take over as host of Sports Final Edition, McLeod's old gig.

Having seen her tonight on WDIV all I will say is--- boy is she ever different from Bernie Smilovitz. Hancock was dead serious tonight. Meanwhile, Smilovitz is famous at WDIV for his fun and games, his schtick and his comedy routines. His trademark line is "we got highlights!" I think Smilovitz is great, but he cannot be taken seriously as a broadcaster, he just can't help himself. Looking at him these days, he seems really over the top!

Apparently this was the reason why Bernie was a big flop when he went to New York for a period in the 1990s: his comedy routines didn't fly there, the town was too dead-serious about sports! The fans there all thought Bernie was an idiot, and he was fired.

So he went back to Detroit, where it's easier for sportscasters to get away with acting like idiots. Obviously this is no place for Katrina Hancock. Maybe what Hancock really needs to do is get to New York City.

As for Cleveland, I'm sure McLeod will fit in well there, that place is known for having plenty of quality local sportscasters. Unfortunately, read elsewhere that one of the local TV guys Casey Coleman had passed away. Cancer. Not good news.

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