Friday, December 15, 2006


Read a report in the Globe that it's a done deal; the entire CFL package is going to Bell Globemedia and TSN/CTV.

What's unclear is whether Bell will sell some of the package to CBC. (During the World Cup Rogers Sportsnet won rights to the entire tournament, but sold part of the package to TSN/CTV.) I think the CBC may not go for such a deal, though. I think they may take the money that they usually spend on the CFL and give it to the NHL, and that will be the way they keep the NHL rights. If they keep the NHL rights.

People are starting to say what a big change this is and all that for the CFL, and how CBC showed the Grey Cup game for 50 years and so on and so forth, but keep in mind CTV and TSN also have a long history of showing the CFL. CTV actually shared the rights to air the Grey Cup game for 25 years, ending after the 1986 game. The one thing I will miss, though, will be those reruns of those old Grey Cup games that CBC always puts on late at night during Grey Cup week.

Though I will not miss the replays of the 1967, 1972, 1976 or 1997 Grey Cup games. Riders fans have long memories.

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