Tuesday, December 05, 2006


I finally saw the movie Bobby tonight.

This was that movie I stood in line three hours to see at the Toronto International Film Festival--- only to find out it was absolutely, completely sold out. Anyway there was no such problem for me at the cinema tonight; only about twelve people were in there watching. I guess everyone else was at Happy Feet.

I dunno. Well-intentioned something-or-other is the best way to describe it. The problem is that you have trouble caring about all these characters in the movie. There were these two old guys, and this boozed-up lounge singer, and some boring married couple, and a girl marrying someone in order to prevent him from going off to Vietnam, and on and on and on. A bunch of boring fictional characters, all completely dreamed up for this movie. I guess some of them were sort of based on real people, but still, this was all fiction. The most interesting guys in the film included a bunch of Kennedy campaign workers who played hooky from the campaign to get stoned on LSD- that was pretty funny. And there was that Latino guy who worked in the kitchen of the Ambassador Hotel who had tickets to see Don Drysdale pitch, only to give them away (to which I go: "WHY?!") and be eyewitness to the whole assassination.

Other than that it was hard to get worked up about it. The word "soap opera" best described these people. It's too bad these characters were so one-dimensional. It got boring watching this movie, waiting for Kennedy to show up and for the real action to happen. They could have punched the script up quite a bit.

One thing I didn't know beforehand was that a bunch of bystanders had been wounded during the Robert Kennedy assassination. A few of these fictional characters took some bullets in the film. Anyway I read the CNN Larry King transcript of the show where he had on all the actors from Bobby, including director Emilio Estevez and a few people who were actually there at the assassination. Reading that transcript confirms what I suspected: that it was actually different people who got wounded, not these jokers in the film! These fictional characters in the movie were just that, all made up. But I guess the movie wanted to make a point about random violence, so they had these fictional characters get shot in the movie, too.

Anyway, check out that transcript--- all the actors were heaping praise on the supposedly terrific script and how rich the characters were, one after another. And Sharon Stone was ranting and raving about how she quit reading movie reviews about ten years ago and how if you believe the good reviews you have to believe the bad ones, or something like that. I guess Sharon's still mad at the critics about all the abuse heaped on Basic Instinct 2, or for that matter Basic Instinct 1.

Anyway, great stuff, and a great show from Larry. To which I'm tempted to say: "for once".

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