Friday, December 01, 2006


Results of the first ballot are in and the big shock is that Stephane Dion has nosed out Gerard Kennedy for third place. CalgaryGrit isn't going to be pleased with this.

The other news is that Michael Ignatieff fell short of the 30% mark he needed to have to have a strong chance of winning. This is anyone's race, folks. If there really is a deal in the works between Kennedy and Dion at some point, and it looks as if we won't know about who is going to be third for a while, then whoever benefits from such a deal is in great shape to vault past Bob Rae and possibly finish him off. Rae really needs the minor candidates in his corner to stave off such a deal, if it happens.

The numbers are Ignatieff 1412, Rae 977, Dion 856, Kennedy 854, Dryden 256, Brison 192, Volpe (who has withdrawn and endorsed Rae) 156, and Martha Hall Findlay 130.

The plot thickens.

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