Saturday, December 09, 2006


Well, season six of the Apprentice is shaping up to be a bigger joke than even I imagined. Check out this link to the news about Season Six.

The season promises big changes. For one, as everyone knows, the whole show is set in Los Angeles. That's a big load of nonsense because we all know Trump is New York and New York is Trump. So L.A. is a joke in its own right. The second item is that Carolyn Kepcher is not part of this season at all; she wasn't featured in any of the filming that went on and was in fact fired by Trump after the season was over. It'll be those two Trump kids judging again, no doubt, and that is another joke in its own right.

Finally, here's the big switch for this season. The winning team will be living the good life in luxury accommodations while the losing team, get this, will be camped outside and forced to use port-a-potties and other non-luxuries.

This is bad news.

You know, I was one of the few losers to actually watch the spoof Apprentice ripoff show My Big Fat Obnoxious Boss, and on that show they made the losing team sleep on the street! So the Apprentice show, which has been ripping off other reality shows like crazy, is now ripping off a flop Apprentice spoof show that was pulled before a winner was even declared!!!

What's next, The Donald changing his trademark signoff line from "you're fired!" to "get the hell out of my office!"?!

Good Lord, NBC. Please, do the former fans of this show a favor: get rid of this show already. We all know this show jumped the shark long ago, but this coming season sounds as if it is going to be worse than ever with these lame gimmicks. And think if you're a contestant, having to go on this show and humiliate yourself like this. This series has turned into a colossal heap of garbage! Donald Trump ought to be embarrassed to associate his good name with this product-placement-filled claptrap. This show is JUNK.

Oh, yeah, supposedly there are a lot of lawyers featured as contestants on this year's show. Maybe they should sue.

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