Saturday, December 09, 2006


In the movie industry it seems there are a few certainties. With some actors or directors, you know what to expect. With Arnold Schwarzenegger, you expect action. With Martin Scorsese you expect the Mob. With Adam Sandler, you--- uh, you know what to expect. A crappy movie. Just kidding.

We know what to expect with Mel Gibson, now, too---- violent, bloody bloodfests with the actors all talking in an undecipherable ancient language. That's apparently on display with Apocalypto, the story of the end of the Mayans' empire.

I was watching Inside Edition last night and they implied that this movie was a piece of junk, with a lot of middling reviews in places like the New York Post, etc. But I read the Tomatometer and it had this flick at 65%, with the consensus that this movie was "bloody good". So Deborah Norville must be a big liar, then, by calling this a lousy movie. Just don't go to it if you can't stand the sight of blood.

I don't know whether this movie is going to officially re-launch Gibson's career after that drunken anti-Semitism nonsense. But it seems everyone's career in Hollywood is in chaos. Britney Spears is out partying all the time and making a fool of herself, and the Michael Richards brouhaha was another scandal. And who can forget Tom Cruise. Let's face it, I think the reaction from the public these days is that everyone thinks everyone in Hollywood is a weirdo/degenerate/racist.

I think everyone is throwing their hands up in the air and saying: it doesn't matter what we see or watch! We're never going to get rid of these folks! So we might as well go to their @#$% movies! Cynical reaction.

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Reel Fanatic said...

Deborah Norville is a lousy liar about many things, but I have to agree on Apocalypto .. The constant gore was just numbing to the point that it obscured whatever point Mel was going for, and just crossed the line to disgusting