Thursday, December 21, 2006


The heck is going on in the USA with these beauty pageant winners? Must be El Nino- that's what's causing all those storms in Colorado and Albuquerque, N.M. too. Anyway, another scandal has hit the pageant world.

Did you hear this? Miss Nevada USA today had her title taken away from her because she was photographed kissing girls in public and also exposed one of her, uh, uh, ahem, breasts.

I'm trying to be a family show here!! Give me a break! This is really getting ridiculous. These "beauty queens gone wild" are unstoppable right now. What's going on here?! I know, it's all Britney Spears' fault!!! She started all this nonsense with her bad behavior, taking her clothes off in public. Now, every girl in the USA is acting like her! Shame, shame.

Anyway, that's Miss Nevada replaced. You know, that's a cardinal sin with these beauty pageants, getting naked. This is what got Vanessa Williams canned! You think if Tara Conner had pulled a stunt like that that she'd still be holding the Miss USA title? Heck no!

These girls these days!!!!!

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