Wednesday, November 15, 2006


More people care about this stupid vote than about real elections! Emmitt beats Mario. I guess all those crazy Dallas Cowboys fans out there rang those phones.

Me, I stopped caring once Jerry Springer got the boot. And lots of people say the fix is in, that this show is rigged. Who knows.

Who are they going to get for the next edition? How about Bill O'Reilly? I read in his book that O'Reilly was quite the dancing machine in his day. I'm sure they're scouring the country looking for football stars to appear on this show next year. And they're bound to try and con some big-name ex-Playboy actress beauty into appearing again so they can lure in the guys (a la Kelly Monaco and Shanna Moakler). Has Brande Roderick ever been on this show? Can she dance? Doesn't matter.

Who knows, maybe they'll get really creative. Maybe they'll get Mike Tyson. Or maybe Bill Clinton. How about Greta Van Susteren! Or Charles Gibson, even. Hey, why not cross-promote your evening news show by going on Dancing With the Stars!

This is why the show is a hit folks, they know how to pick 'em.

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