Tuesday, November 07, 2006


I'm watching the TV networks cover this election and right now Charlie Gibson is on ABC anchoring the Vote 2006 coverage. It's kind of odd seeing ABC election coverage without Peter Jennings.

I'm watching Katie Couric on CBS and it's also really odd. It's like watching NBC, except you're waiting for Tom Brokaw to show up. Brokaw is of course over at NBC tonight helping out Brian Williams. All I will say about CBS' election night so far is that it sucks. Couric is just terrible. Terribly, terribly dull and boring. I miss Dan Rather and his Ratherisms already.

I love watching Tim Russert on NBC doing his whiteboard thing. He has really broken this race down to the bare essentials and all I will say right now is that if I'm a Republican I'd be very worried about the way this is going. OOoh, and Campbell Brown is on NBC tonight, too. Right now NBC is killing everyone. CNN's on a roll too.

So far it's a net pickup of 3 for the Democrats in the House and the Senate, but the night is still young. Joe Lieberman has won in Connecticut as an independent.

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