Tuesday, November 07, 2006


Well, I'm watching the election results and Chris Matthews was on MSNBC calling this a "tsunami". But I don't see a tsunami yet. It is shaping up to be a lousy night to be a Republican, though.

So far it's Democratic gains but the Republicans are in front in Tennessee, Bob Corker in front of Harold Ford by 40,000 votes. But it's 39% of the vote counted. Virginia is too close to call and so is Missouri. It's Republicans 45-43 in the Senate right now and Republicans are bleeding in House races and in the statehouses. MSNBC is saying we should know more and have a clearer idea about the state of who has control of the House and Senate within 30-45 minutes. But the trend to the Democrats is clear: the only question is will it be enough to take over the House and Senate. Talk is that it might. Charlie Cook is on TV predicting a pickup for the Democrats of at least 20 in the House, which would be enough to take control.

Links to results (got these to work, finally):
www.foxnews.com - Also, Fox News is streaming their radio coverage live.

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