Saturday, November 25, 2006


Isn't it something that in a week when the new James Bond movie comes out and we get all this other Get Smart movie casting news--- that we get this bizarre KGB spy getting poisoned?! Nuked, even?

This whole Alexander Litvinenko business, with him dying from Polonium-210, is going to be made into a movie someday--- you can bet your hat. And it is the biggest story in the world. Now people in London are all freaked out about becoming radioactive if they go to the Itsu sushi restaurant in London. And how does it feel if you are a guest at the Millennium Hotel these days? Another hot spot.

People don't want to do an autopsy of this poor guy because they're scared it's not safe to operate on him! They might get poisoned, too!

This is really bizarre. How this happened, I don't know. And who did this? Wasn't the guy who did this act of murder worried about his own radiation levels? Wow, this is weird stuff.

Anyway, this latest spy incident is one reason why we are all fascinated by spies. Bizarre stuff like this--- what can I say. This doesn't happen in your ordinary line of work. Not even these big foreign correspondent journalists die like this. The best that these journos in Baghdad can hope for is to get shot or blown up, or kidnapped, or have their throat slashed. But this guy... he got NUKED!!!!

Well, that settles it. Spying has reporting all beat for being a dangerous business.

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