Wednesday, November 08, 2006


Back to my rants about TV in between election coverage. Don't forget, Monday is Municipal Election Day in southern Ontario and THE CAIRNS BLOG will report on that, too.

Anyway, last week I tuned in to a game show on FOX called The Rich List, and it was an interesting concept for a show. All you needed to do was name every answer on the list without getting one wrong (ie. name the longest running Broadway shows) and you stood to win big money. The gimmick was there was supposedly no limit, you could win 10 mil. The problem with this show, though, as Ken Levine deftly mentioned on his blog, was that the contestants were incredibly stupid.

I could have named more Broadway shows, and more Oscar-winning movies than these idiots on this show. And I'm not even a big genius when it comes to this stuff! I guess Jeopardy! took all the smart people. There was no one left to appear on The Rich List! These folks on there were real dim bulbs.

Which is one of the reasons why this show is CANCELLED. FOX has pulled The Rich List and also yanked Happy Hour. That's The Rich List gone after only one airing, folks! That's really embarrassing. Earlier, I had read some nonsensical story about how these TV networks had gotten out of the habit of yanking flop shows, that these shows were instead being banished to Saturdays in disgrace and so on. Well, this is FOX pulling the trigger on two shows at once, and CBS yanked Smith in similar fashion. Kidnapped got banished to Saturdays to supposedly finish its run there, but NBC yanked that show early, too. The trigger-finger is alive and well in TV land.

I'm glad this game show got cancelled. Maybe this will mean that the TV networks will invest in quality programming and get out of the habit of serving up cheap junk all the time. Sooner or later these folks will realize that the public doesn't want to see any of this garbage. Maybe NBC will realize that people still want to watch good dramas and reverse their dumb decision to schedule more game shows. They want to see more procedurals and dramas!

Right now a show called Criminal Minds is all the rage these days, and people say this is a trend, too--- a trend away from all these serialized shows on TV. Serialized shows like Vanished and Kidnapped have been flopping, a definite sign that people are sick of seeing them. When it comes to TV the people are always right.

By the way, FOX is now showing The O.C. on Wednesdays now- a sure sign that this show is sinking fast, too. (They should never have killed off Mischa Barton.)

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