Monday, November 20, 2006


Did you hear about this? Michael Richards the former Seinfeld star, got the full extent of the Seinfeld "curse" in his own face when he went and humiliated himself at the Laugh Factory.

His comedy rant ended up going overboard when he crossed the line and used the "n" word. I guess Richards was trying to use that word to make a point about how much trouble that one word could stir up; the audience didn't like it one bit and started abusing Richards, and his whole routine collapsed. He started yelling at the audience and using the "n" word, and made a complete fool of himself in the process. has the video of it here. And you can see in the video the audience members getting up out of their seats and walking out on Michael Richards in disgust. Anyway that's what I call a disasterous night on stage. About as total an implosion as you are ever likely to see in standup comedy. You had audience members taunting and insulting Richards, that's how big an egg this guy laid. Warning: the video features racial epithets, so be sure you have a strong stomach if you are going to see what happened.

I just watched the Letterman show and Richards was on there tonight with Jerry Seinfeld, apologizing on the air. Richards looks like a shattered man, and well he should be, for his idiotic, racist comments. Let's face it, on this one evening Michael Richards wasn't funny. Wasn't funny at all. I hope he's learned his lesson for using the "n" word and getting himself into so much trouble. What a fool.

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