Tuesday, November 28, 2006


Well, as you know by now Pam Anderson has become the latest in a long line of celebrities keeping divorce lawyers busy in Hollywood. She's filing for divorce from Kid Rock, and apparently Mr. Rock filed his own papers, too. So they both want out.

And who is to blame? Why, who else. Borat.

That international troublemaker is getting blamed for this split. Courtesy, the Canadfian Press:

The New York Post reported Tuesday that Canada's own Pamela Anderson is divorcing Kid Rock because of his angry reaction to her scripted part in the film.

The long-haired singer's outburst at a private Hollywood screening of "Borat'' -- he is reported to have publicly called his new bride a "slut'' and a "whore'' for appearing in the film -- is an odd one.

Anderson -- or "Pa-MEL-a!'' as the lovestruck Borat calls her -- simply signs a book for him in the film, and then flees in terror as he attempts to trap her in a traditional Kazakh "wedding sack.'' This was no repeat of the Tommy Lee sex tape, although that infamous video does make a split-second appearance in the "Borat'' film.

So Borat helps split up a famous Hollywood couple. It figures.

Way to go, mister. Just more notoriety for a guy who's facing lawsuits every day from the people he duped into appearing in his silly movie. But look on the bright side: Pam's available now. So now, presumably, Borat can run off with her.

If your name is Borat that's really good news. Not so good for Pam, though.

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