Tuesday, November 14, 2006


Well, Borat has been the top movie at the box office the last two weeks- quite an achievement given that it only opened in a limited release to begin with. It was only released in about 800 or so theaters in its first week. And it still ended up Number One. Now it's in wide release and it's bigger than ever.

It has been getting enormous critical buzz and rave reviews. It was hitting 95% at Rotten Tomatoes, which is pretty phenomenal. I saw this flick at the Toronto International Film Festival and it was the talk of the festival. And it wasn't even a "gala" production, it was a Midnight Madness screening at the Ryerson, and even that whole screening was a fiasco because the projector broke down and they had to show the thing all over again. But still, that flick dominated the festival. You could tell that it was going to be huge, even then.

But now the backlash has started. I'm noticing there are people out there- few in number, but they are there-putting their necks out and saying hey, this movie wasn't so great. They are repulsed by the offensive humor. Or they were repulsed by that naked wrestling scene. You know, these critics have a point. This may be a brilliant, inspired, memorable movie, but it's not exactly the kind of movie where you go there and say "man, did I ever enjoy that movie." But, man, is it ever funny.

I can understand that reaction, because I kind of had mixed feelings about the movie myself. I mean, I liked the movie, it was highly memorable, and the characters were inspired. But it was really gross in places, and frankly there are lots of other films I enjoyed more. Still, you can't exactly give this movie a thumbs down, or else you'd end up looking like you hate all the movies out there! Maybe it was too early in the day for me to watch that film. If I had seen it at midnight at the Ryerson instead of at a sales and industry screening in Yorkville, maybe I would have been more enthusiastic and thought the whole movie was the most brilliant movie ever.

I can also understand the reactions of these people who got duped by Borat and his fake team of crack journalists, making them look bad in movie theaters all over the world. The bunch of college kids who were caught by Borat on film making boorish remarks and watching that infamous Pam Anderson sex tape are taking their appearance in the film pretty hard. They are suing the production, and that's only the start. Apparently there's a whole line of people disowning themselves from this flick, disowning their involvement in it, and they are all suing or thinking of suing. So this flick is definitely going to end up in court for years to come. Ain't America great, the land of lawyers.

And you know what this means: this movie will be an even bigger hit, and will keep racking up the box office as the buzz about this movie keeps on going. The big problem for Borat now is: how the heck is there going to be a sequel? Everyone out there knows who Borat is now, they won't be duped! Borat will have to go to the darkest reaches of middle America in order to find people to appear in his next project. I don't see how any sequel to this movie can be made--- or be any good.

Anyway. Borat is a big hit and should stay Number One until James Bond shows up. Maybe even after James Bond shows up. It is that big.

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Reel Fanatic said...

Those people are just embarrassed, as well they should be, because when the mirror was held up to them in the form of Borat, they showed their true hateful colors .. his movie just made me laugh harder than I have in years