Wednesday, November 15, 2006


I was rummaging around the Toronto Sun website, looking for information about whether or not Case Ootes' ward 29 City Council win is going to be upheld on a recount, when I found this neat article about this sexy comedian Nicole Arbour.

Apparently her whole schtick is that she's Canada's sexiest comedian, and there's a picture of her in a really skimpy outfit. Well, whatever works, eh? Anyway, the article on this gorgeous babe is here.

Speaking of laughs, you want to know what really happened in Toronto's ward 29? Apparently one of the tabulators has his car break down and couldn't deliver the tabulating machine that had all the results from one of the key polling stations. This guy thought it would be okay to hand in the next day. Not when the freaking race is too close to call, with everyone chewing their fingernails!! Anyway, someone tracked this person down and the final results were known. Talk about weird, folks. Now, that is funny.

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