Monday, November 27, 2006


Today I am going to talk about Iraq.

I haven't really talked much about the mess in Iraq and what I feel about it and so on. My general feeling about it is that the Americans have botched this war effort there right up. They may have had legitimate reasons to get rid of Saddam Hussein, and I was all for getting rid of that despot. But they really miscalculated big-time when it came to bringing stability to the region afterward.

Me, I'm mad that this effort wasn't thought through well enough by the U.S. government. If they were going to go in there, they should have done it right! They should have known about all the opposition beforehand to their presence there, and been prepared for all of it. But they weren't. They went in thinking they were going to be hailed as heroes by the oppressed people of Iraq, and that it would be easy to put in a democracy. So they went in thinking the job would be over after they crushed Saddam's army and they would be home free, and they wouldn't have to worry about much else. "Mission Accomplished!" Right.

Why the heck they went in there thinking they were going to win this thing with a low-budget war effort, especially when you had all these factions boiling under the surface, I don't know. I think it's clear to me that a lot of these Iraqis don't really care whether or not the Americans are there--- or at worst, don't want them there at all. It was clear right after the fall of Baghdad, when all the looting went on, that too many of these Iraqis didn't care one bit about liberation or democracy. They just saw the fall of Saddam as an opportunity to create havoc for themselves.

The way I see it, if you're going to authorize a war you have to be prepared to be able to go in there full-blast and win it, and have a fighting chance to stabilize the area you are going to "liberate". At the least, people there need to be clamoring and begging you to come in there and boot the despots out! Instead, these folks in the USA didn't prepare for what they ran into in Iraq--- self-interested people interested in power for themselves, terrorist elements, and Saddam loyalists. I sure hope the Americans are able to stabilize things over there, but I'm really pessimistic.

In the past few days we have been hearing correspondents like John Roberts at CNN tell people like Howard Kurtz that television isn't capturing the full extent of the chaos there, it really is a mess beyond what anyone is seeing on the screen. People were dying in front of their eyes, Roberts was saying. It isn't safe to walk in public.

Well, now, NBC News has gone one step further and has now labelled this as a "civil war".

It's basically faction versus faction, with a US-backed and Iraq-government backed factions fighting against al-Qaida elements, Iranian-backed elements, and Saddam's old gang of thugs. So I don't blame NBC News for calling it that, what else do you call it when it is such a mess over there. Reminds me of Lebanon in the 1980s, and they called that a "civil war". So they may as well say the same about this.

I know there will be conservative-type people who will get upset about this. They'll go ahead and say the media is biased, as usual. Well, so what. I don't care what you call this war effort over there, whether it's a civil war or just a war like all the rest of them. Chaos is chaos.

I now wonder what happened to all those conservative media types who were planning to go over there to Iraq to report the so-called "truth" about the war, to report that the Americans were really winning and that the mainstream media were a bunch of liars, reporting on the doom and gloom in Iraq? I guess they went home.

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