Friday, November 24, 2006


Well, I did some digging on this Get Smart movie coming up and maybe I shouldn't get too excited. The script is allegedly a piece of junk.

Big spoiler alert: I took a look at this tribute site to Get Smart and there was mention made about the upcoming movie. Unfortunately, the writer firmly believes this movie totally gets Maxwell Smart wrong, misses out a lot of the colorful characters from the original show, and isn't funny. The contention is this is going to be worse than The Pink Panther remake and that this piece of junk is getting made only because Steve Carell is really hot right now.

As for Anne Hathaway as the slinky, sexy 99, he's not as critical of that. There's an alternative view floating around out there to why the Princess Diaries star might be qualified for this role. Supposedly she's all grown up now. Apparently she got naked in a couple of "art" movies, so she's completely gotten rid of her good-girl image. I read that she was topless in Brokeback Mountain, that gay cowboy movie. Definitely not a Disney movie.

So, supposedly, no one will think of the age difference with Steve Carell. They wish. I bet most guys out there never went to see Brokeback Mountain. So they all don't know about Anne Hathaway's sexy new grown-up image. Hoo boy, this sounds shaky. I still think Hathaway would be a good 99 but there are going to be critics out there.

If this is all true about this movie, my reaction is summed up in one word: darnet.

Aren't you sick of bad remakes of good TV shows? That's what that article I linked to was saying; aren't you fed up? There aren't too many good remakes that I can think of. There was the Untouchables movie that came out that was really good, and I liked Harrison Ford in The Fugitive. But those movies were a lot different from the TV series. Dan Ackroyd and Tom Hanks were in the spoof Dragnet movie that was pretty funny. There were the Star Trek movies but those weren't remakes so much as they were the continuation of the series, on screen. It's rare, but good TV remakes can be done.

But I dunno about this one. From the sounds of it, it looks like everyone involved in the picture is taking the money and running. They're doing the movie because it's another freaking job for them, not because they want to make this movie any good! Heck, there are still folks out there who care about Get Smart; this show had fans! If this story is correct, it looks like the people in charge are making a hash of this project. And it's going to be too bad because it's possible for a really good Get Smart remake to get made. As that article says, they need to get the writers from the original series to go through the script and make big changes. They need a script doctor, and fast.


Hepcat B said...

Why I would believe the bad buzz reported in an article (the link provided) that has one of the worst-written run-on headlines I've ever seen?

Also, no offence, but if you only "read" about Hathaway's performance/boobs in Brokeback Mountain but didn't bother to see one of the most critically acclaimed and socially significant movies of that year, are you really much of an authority on movies yourself? I didn't think Brokeback was a masterpiece or anything, but if you fancy yourself as someone who covers cinema you owe it to yourself and your readers to see movies such as this, not just the popcorn fare. Open your mind to ambitious storytelling and you will be rewarded.

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