Saturday, November 18, 2006


There's a big story out there about the Millionaire's Club. Supposedly this is a matchmaking service for absurdly wealthy guys and they have just arrived in Canada, in Toronto.

They had a story on all these young women being screened for selection on Friday for this matchmaking service- they want to screen out all the gold-diggers apparently. Yeah, right.

I'm sure they've weeded out all the gold-diggers, not. I'm sure that 90% of these women who say they aren't gold-diggers are lying their heads off. But I guess guys with millions of dollars have trouble finding women. And a lot of the ordinary women out there would be out to milk these rich guys for all their money anyway, and be more blatant about doing it. So I guess there's a demand for this service, because some of these millionaires are tired of the low-class women they are meeting in these single's bars who want to rip them off.

Sounds pretty elitist to me. I was watching a story about this silly service on the CBC and the whole tone of the story was how awful it was that the Millionaire's Club was coming to Toronto. The tone was that this whole service was degrading to women. They went and interviewed some feminist and a bunch of uptight law students in Toronto who ranted about how terrible this all was.

But this isn't so bad. Do people not want other people to hook up in this country? Really. There are worse ways I can think of for rich guys to land women--- like these mail-order Russian brides. Stuff like that. But these women signing up with this service are apparently doing this of their own volition. Personally, if these women really want to land a rich guy, this service sounds like an easy way to do it. It's a free country. But I think most women wouldn't bother. And if I were a guy I'd run away from this service. This looks like a good way to get milked.

Actually, there are a lot more reprehensible hookup services than the Millionaire's Club. For instance, there's the Ashley Madison agency. Now that's just awful, they hook married people up with extramarital affairs! Now that is really bad. If your marriage is so bad that you have to resort to using Ashley Madison agency, then you need to see a marriage counsellor. OR a divorce lawyer.

Anyway that's my rant about that.

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