Wednesday, November 29, 2006


Well guess what, THE CAIRNS BLOG is back with its coverage of the Liberal Leadership Convention. You got the full coverage from me during the Democratic and Republican conventions, now you get the same coverage from me of the Liberals! This is what I live for, political junk.

Coming up tonight is the big keynote speech at the convention. At the last convention their big star speechmakers were none other than Michael Ignatieff and that singer, Bono. Tonight, they've gone down to the United States to learn some tips about winning elections from none other than Howard Dean.

Howard Dean?! I gotta say, I'm enjoying all the TV coverage of this guy this week. The TV networks are all showing clips of Dean, doing the "scream speech" in Iowa. "Aaaargh!!" My goodness, that was bad beyond belief, certainly one of the worst speeches ever. I remember getting an email the day after that speech was made from one of my American political friends, who went " you gotta see this speech, what a fool."

Well, tonight we will get to see the big speech from the "controversial Howard Dean", as he is described in the press up here. I think this is just hilarious, the press coverage.

We'll see what the Liberals are in for tonight, maybe Dean can top the scream speech. Or make some controversial remark and put his foot in it. I wonder if Dean will say a few words in French; maybe we'll all get a few laughs watching him mangle that language right up.

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