Sunday, November 12, 2006


Here's a National Post look at the hot races in the municipal vote in and just outside Toronto tomorrow. What to watch out for: whether ex-mayor John Sewell or ex-councillor John Adams can beat incumbent Joe Mihevc in St. Paul's; whether ex-Citytv reporter Adam Vaughan can beat the NDP; the vicious mayor's race in Vaughan, and whether Carolyn Parrish can get a seat on city council in Mississauga. I really see that woman trying to set herself up for a run for mayor later on, her and her big mouth and anti-Americanism. Needless to say, lots of people in Mississauga are hoping Hazel lives a long time, just to keep Parrish out.

Election coverage:

CityNews and CTV Toronto have live video broadband coverage as well. I notice that Citytv is bragging that it will have the only live election coverage on regular TV in Toronto. CTV Toronto, in what I consider a major copout, is shifting most of its election coverage to the Internet this year. They figure the regular viewing audience is only interested in watching situation comedies on TV. CTV are planning to serve up a 2-hour streaming block over the Internet, but are only going to serve up a crummy half-hour special on TV. I know all the political junkies have fled to the Internet to get their political coverage anyway, but that's only because TV is doing such a lousy job covering politics. Besides, a fat lot of use Internet coverage is going to be if you're an election worker, watching a bunch of TV screens at your local victory/defeat party. They are all going to have to tune every TV have in to CityNews. I give CityNews credit, at least they are making an effort, even though this election is going to be boring. Rogers Television also has coverage planned, but that's on cable TV, not rabbit ears.

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